Arna Strategic Design and Development Engineering Consulting company established in 2012  by domestic experts for implementation of water and wastewater project and has done 40 different project in this field.

The company’s activities cover study, consultant and managing services in infrastructural, procurement, potable and industrial water transmission and distribution, wastewater collection networks and transmission, water and wastewater treatment plant, desalination plant, water consumption managing and wasted water reduction projects, treated water and wastewater contracts.

Also Arna Strategic Design and Development Engineering Consulting company take part in several BOT, BOO guaranteed purchase treated water and wastewater project in cooperation with Ab Rah Nirooye Aesta Engineering company and ready for consulting domestic investors and government about variety of contracts.

Founder of this companies start their engineering activities from end of 1990’s and then establish the both companies in 2012.

The both companies, by believing in ability of domestic experts, expand their activities in all fields of water and wastewater industry as well as undertaking the best engineering services by topmost technology.